Sales and Payment Terms


The EasyStill unit is shipped world wide. All packages are sent as postal parcel, it has the most affordable freight.

Shipping Time

Orders within Europe:
Please allow 5-7 days delivery after shipping date.

Orders outside of Europe:
Please allow 10-12 days delivery after shipping date.

After modification we re-pack the model in its original packing. This is marked “Drinking Water Distiller”. The Invoice also specifies the unit is a distillation unit for water. Certain administrations demand that the description on the invoice must be the same as on the packaging. So in order to conform with the regulations and not cause hold-ups in customs in countries outside the EU (within Europe there are no customs) the invoice in the package has the description Drinking Water Distiller.

The strong box on picture is packed into a second strong, brown card board box.

OBS: The unit on the picture is NOT the same as the one you order.
Currently only stainless steel units are available in the shop.